What are the issues raised for increasing illicit Xanax use in the US?

Recently, in September 2020, FDA announced that Xanax and other similar drugs should have a boxed warning in the drug’s package. This reaction is due to the increase in illegal Xanax use. Xanax is a Benzodiazepine drug, which is a strong tranquilizer. The advantages of Xanax are enormous. It is the ideal solution for panic disorder, anxiety, insomnia, seizure, and more. However, people, especially the young population, are misusing the medicine.

The rise in illicit Xanax use

Between 2017 and 2018, out of the USA’s total overdose cases, 1/3rd of them were due to opioid and benzodiazepine combination. In some cases, people also abuse it with alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Prolonged Xanax use

In many cases, the Xanax use was primarily in a good intention that turned havoc. Xanax is specifically for short-term treatment (less than one month). However, according to the FDA report, more than 50% of the Xanax prescriptions were for two months course. Thus, FDA introduced several measures to educate the doctors and the general public about the Xanax effects and misuses. FDA also added verbiage to the warning regarding the course duration.

According to experts, if Xanax treatment course lasts for even a couple of weeks, it can lead to physical dependency. Moreover, immediate stopping of the drug can lead to several withdrawal symptoms like seizures, which can become lethal. In cases where people buy Xanax without prescription, they often are unaware of the withdrawal symptoms.

Even if you bought the drug without a doctor’s approval, talk to a doctor about stopping it effectively. The doctor would supervise a tapering dosage in which the dose and frequency of use get reduced slowly.

Over-prescription of the drug

FDA also believes that the doctors are over-prescribing the patients to order Xanax COD online. Xanax is indeed an effective and comparatively safer drug. However, doctors are now very frequently prescribing this drug to the patients. In 2019, there were 92 million legal prescriptions written for Xanax and similar benzodiazepine in the USA. Among those, 38% of the prescriptions were for Xanax, followed by Clonazepam (24%) and Ativan (20%). There are several reasons why Xanax use shows a tremendous increase, including increased mental health awareness, stressful jobs, and more. However, the FDA is now making plans to curb this over-usage.

Anxiety and Depression Association mentioned that the doctors who do not provide psychotherapy should not prescribe Xanax but recommend the patients to seek psychotherapy help. Besides the drugs, the doctors should recommend non-pharmaceutical methods to deal with anxiety and depression, like exercise, therapy, and more.

User awareness

This surge in overdose is not a new happening. Since 2002, there is a constant increase in the number of overdose death. Before you order Xanax, it is essential to know the effects, side effects, overdose symptoms, and more. Most simple sites do not offer such information. Thus, it is best to choose reliable and licensed online pharmacies to learn more about the drug before you use it. Moreover, do not maneuver the dose or course length as you feel right. Talk to your doctor before making even a small alteration.

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