How is Ambien recreationally used & abused in the USA? Ambien Abuse

In the USA, almost 60 million people suffer from insomnia each year, as stated in a survey article. The usual treatment that works here is Ambien, which is the branded form of the drug, zolpidem tartrate. Due to the beneficial Ambien uses, it is a preferred medication instead of prescription ibuprofen and Percocet. (Know about Ambien Abuse)

The usual recommendation for using this sedative-hypnotic is in a short-term range and if prescribed. Overuse can cause dangerous effects on the user, and it is important to not violate the usage. However, a lot of the citizens in the USA do utilize this drug recreationally and suffer from Ambien addiction.

Ambien abuse in the USA

The way that Ambien affects is this- it activates GABA excess in the brain, which is a neural transmitter. This quickly alters the activity of the brain, making it slower in a timespan of 20 minutes usually. Owing to the fast and effective effect of this, people’s dependency on this increase.

While many people stop the medication when they start seeing adverse symptoms, a lot of people exploit it instead. Thus, Ambien abuse signifies this period when users treat it as a recreational drug after getting addicted to it. They have it over time, and this causes them to gain tolerance for the drug.

Following this, users increase the dosage of the drug or decide to use it alongside other addictive substances for added effect. These usually include other prescription medicines or alcohol, or they crush the tablet to snort it. This heightens the effect, leading to addiction. Other colloquial slang terms for Ambien are sleep easy, zombie pills, no-gos, A-minus, or tic-tacs.

The number of drug-abuse victims increased by 220 percent in the 2005-2010 timespan. And almost half of these emergency visits were a result of using Ambien without prescription with others like sleep medications, sedatives, oxycodone, and Vicodin.

Signs of addiction

When people become dependent on this drug psychologically, they display some signs. These include:

  • Distancing oneself from close ones
  • They order Ambien cash on delivery constantly and overspending money
  • Constant craving for the drug
  • Having more than prescribed
  • Inability to sleep
  • Engaging in risky behavior and then forgetting afterward
  • Forging prescription or going to many doctors
  • Even when they show symptoms physically or mentally, they still keep having it

Ambien Withdrawal symptoms

After building up a tolerance to the drug, people start showing some symptoms even if they stay off for a short while. Some of them include anxiety, lightheadedness, cramps in the abdomen and muscles, and insomnia. They constantly feel uneasy emotionally, tremors in the body appear, and they are also prone to vomiting and nausea.

Safety and dosage of Ambien

People buy Ambien online after doctors prescribe it in the form of an extended-release tablet or a miniature oblong tablet. This is usually taken through the mouth. For safe usage, it is important to take the drug only as prescribed, just once at night when necessary. Refrain from using it before bed or after drinking alcohol.

It is important to take it before a meal only. In case it is not effecting even in the prescribed quantity, do not self-regulate the dosage. Wait for 7 to 10 days and then inform your doctor.

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